Our Mission

To make a difference in the lives of individuals by providing community-based
health care solutions that promote independence and wellness..

About Us

Addison Home Health Services is a home health care agency offering a wide array of services in all of Southwest Ohio
(Greater Dayton area and surrounding counties and towns).

We started Addison Home Health Services LLC because we truly wanted to help and have an impact on the community and the elderly care being delivered in the Miami Valley area. With the coming age of the baby boomers rapidly approaching age 65, we have seen an influx of Home Care increase over the last few years with the situation expected to grow significantly in the years following. Although our initial focus was elderly care we felt as though we were leaving out many other age groups that would also be in need of care and assistance. From that, our attention to Pediatrics began.
Having named our LLC after a newborn named “Addison” who needed specialized care, it only made sense to include pediatrics as one of our specialties. Since our goal was to provide excellent home health care, who is in more need than children caught in unfortunate situations. After solidifying the pediatrics division, the only category left to help were our younger families that may need care based on a specific situation or therapy basis. At that point we made a commitment to not focus on one age group but to provide quality personal care to all ages. Having said all that, we feel very fortunate for the opportunity to deliver quality care to the Miami Valley Community, from Dayton to Springfield, Beavercreek to Miamisburg, Springboro to Riverside.

In addition to skilled services, Addison HHS LLC providing unskilled services through its wholly-owned subsidiary INA Home Care.


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